Men's Gold And Silver Wedding Rings 

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While the trend for men to wear jewelry has grown substantially, many men prefer to wear nothing more than their wedding ring. Men's wedding rings can range from a simple band crafted in gold or sterling silver - no gems and no diamonds, to a more elaborate jewel studded with diamonds or colored gems. Kaisilver recommends that, wedding rings for men have a design and construction that ensure, durability and wearing comfort. Men's gemstone wedding rings can be crafted with a range of gems, the price and toughness of natural gems can vary widely. Diamond rings for men would need to have that luxury look and yet, fit into a budget. Kaisilver custom make's men's wedding rings in gold or sterling silver, no restriction on design or gem selection. 

This section provides some design ideas suitable for men's wedding rings. You could choose a design and request for the metal and gemstone of your choice. We also welcome your own design ideas and sketches to be custom made. Get in touch with our team of experts at with any queries that you might have. We will be glad to help even if, you plan to buy nothing from Kaisilver. 

men's sapphire wedding ring

A very durable and sturdy men's wedding ring, the MAN135 is shown with a natural blue sapphire gem but, can be ordered with the gem of your choice. Sapphires are known for their toughness, rarity and rich folklore. You could order your men's wedding ring with this design in gold or 925 sterling silver ... more

sapphire wedding ring for men

Sapphire is rare, valuable and gorgeous - it also happens to be one of the most popular gems to mark a matrimonial occasion. You could order the MAN05u men's wedding ring with a slightly tapered band or as, a regular men's wedding band with a regular band width. In gold and 925 silver and all gem options ... more

tanzanite diamond ring for men

Tanzanite a gemstone that is rarer than diamond, found in just one location on the globe and simply  gorgeous. The gem with its rarity is perfectly suited for a men's wedding ring. You could retain the design of this tanzanite men's ring and select the gem of your choice. Like always, available in silver and gold ... more

men's diamond wedding ring

While men's diamond wedding rings are popular, it is important to ensure that a diamond ring for men is sturdy, impressive and reasonably priced. The MAN65 men's wedding ring combines great looks with a modest price tag. The ring can combine gems and diamonds and is crafted in gold or silver ... more

claddagh wedding ring for men

For those of you who wish to wear a men's wedding ring with deep significance, the Kaisilver men's claddagh ring in silver or gold is an excellent choice. The features of the ring symbolize love, togetherness and loyalty - three qualities that are essential for any family to flourish and progress ... more.

ruby wedding ring for men

When it comes to gemstone durability, ruby, sapphire and diamond top the list. The Kaisilver MAN64r ruby diamond ring for men, is designed to last a lifetime and into the next generation. A truly handsome wedding ring for men, this ring can be ordered with any gem of your choice, available in all ring sizes ... more.  

men's wedding ring with diamond

Available with a tapered or uniform band width, the RG180Y is a great choice for a men's wedding ring. You can pick a dull or high polish finish for this men's diamond ring. The number and size of the diamonds in the ring, can be configured to deliver the band width that you desired for your wedding ring ... more

wedding ring for men gemstone aquamarine

Men's gemstone wedding rings have grown in popularity. The advantage of picking a gem for a men's wedding ring is that, you get to choose one that has tremendous folklore and ancient tradition attached to it. Aquamarine has a special significance when worn in a gold or 925 sterling silver wedding ring ... more

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