Big Gemstone Men's Ring - Topaz

Blue topaz is a spectacular gemstone, the MAN08 men's topaz ring is shown here with a sparkling blue topaz gem. The amazing thing about blue topaz is that, you have a choice of not one but three, shades of blue. The gemstone set in the men's ring shown here is swiss blue topaz. A lighter color shade of blue topaz is called sky blue topaz and a deep blue topaz gem is referred to as london blue topaz. You can choose any of the three blue shades when ordering, your Kaisilver men's topaz ring. 

topaz ring for men
men's blue topaz gemstone ring

A little about men's rings with large gemstones, we all know that men love to wear rings that are big, handsome and reliable. Natural gemstones become rarer as their size increases, some gems are rarer and therefore more expensive as compared to others. We provide two gem size options for the MAN08 men's topaz ring. The amazing thing about blue topaz is that, the price is reasonable in both sizes - 12x10mm and 10x8mm oval. As any seasoned gem expert would tell you, a larger gem size can more often than not, mean a compromise in terms of color or clarity - probably even both. Fortunately, this is not true about white and blue topaz - your Kaisilver men's ring will have a high quality blue topaz gem, good color and eye clean clarity.


MAN08 Men's Ring Highlights:

  • The men's topaz gemstone ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. 
  • Both gold and silver rings, would have the same superior quality standards. 
  • Options for the gold topaz ring are 10k, 14k, 18k - yellow, white or pink gold.
  • Pricing for the 10k men's topaz ring can be provided on request. 
  • The oval gem in the ring can be a 12x10mm or 10x8mm gemstone.
  • There is no limitation on gemstone selection, let us know what you need. 
  • White, sky blue, swiss blue and london blue topaz can be requested. 
  • The men's ring with a 12x10mm oval gem weighs around 25 to 30 grams. 
  • The 10x8mm oval gemstone ring, weighs around 22 to 25 grams. 
  • Large ring sizes or the requests for a solid band, can call for additional weight. 
  • Make a request if you need a solid topaz ring with no scooping in the band. 
  • The 12x10mm gem ring has a head height of around 20mm to 22mm.
  • The 10x8mm gem ring has a head height of around 15mm to 17mm. 
  • The portion behind the finger is around 6mm to 7mm and is customizable. 
  • Requests for all ring sizes and design modifications can be accommodated. 
  • We can also custom make a men's ring with your design and gem preference. 

Kaisilver stylists offer some useful advice related to the gem size selection. A larger gem size delivers larger ring dimensions - the 12x10mm oval gemstone ring has a head height of around 20 to 22mm (2cm to 2.2cm). The same men's ring with a 10x8mm oval gem, has a head height of around 15mm to 17mm (1.5cm to 1.7cm). Keeping overall appearance and wearing comfort in mind, men's rings that have ring size of 9 or less, would perform better with a 10x8mm oval topaz gem. Rings with a size of 10 and above, would be fine with both gem sizes. And what if you wear a ring size that is 9 or below but, prefer to go for a large gemstone ring. The best option would be to discuss your preferences with Kaisilver experts. We can come up with a custom design that accommodates the larger gem but, keeps the head size within a reasonable 12mm to 15mm (1.2cm to 1.5cm). 

12x10mm Oval Gemstone, Let Us Know If You Need A Gem Not Mentioned Here

blue topaz ring custom

10x8mm Oval Gemstone, Let Us Know If You Need A Gem Not Mentioned Here

blue topaz ring for men

A common question when it comes to men's rings - will the ring be solid inside or, would the metal be scooped out in some portions of the inner band. To begin with, we are aware that insufficient metal weight would make the men's topaz ring prone to dent and deform. Kaisilver jewelry is crafted with metal weight that is at least, 40% to 60% more as compared to what other jewelers would provide. This will be true of the topaz ring too, irrespective of whether it is solid or scooped inside the band. The MAN08 has large dimensions, the portion behind the finger is around 6mm to 7mm. The metal weight of the ring would be in the 22 to 30 gram range, the exact weight would depend on the ring size and the size of the gem selected. The requirement for a solid ring without any scooping done inside the band, can be accommodated - weight requirements would be worked out once all the ring preferences are known. You will obviously be told before the order is confirmed whether, your men's topaz gemstone ring would require an additional metal weight and the costs involved. 

How To Order: Despite the advancements made in online jewelry shopping and the eye catching 'express' pay and checkout buttons, high end jewelry was never meant to be bought and sold that way. At Kaisilver, we welcome you to open a dialog with our experts, email us at with your requirements. Your emails are answered by gem and jewelry professionals so you get, no sales talk and hyper marketing gimmicks. Provide as much as information related to design, gemstones, metal etc. We can custom make a jewel in gold or sterling silver, with your choice of metal or, pick  a design from our websites and request for changes. There is no limitation on design or gem selection, you need not restrict your gemstone options to what you see on our website. 

And if you wish to discuss over the phone, send us an email with details, include your phone number, location and the suitable time (your local time) to receive the call. We will arrange for the right support expert to call you at the time convenient to you.  

There is a production lead time of 4 to 5 weeks, this because each piece is completely custom made by skilled artisans and gem cutters - we do not rely on ready made inventories and mass produced designs. Shipping is through Fedex priority, we generally try to bear shipping charges for all gold orders. You will be informed in advance if, shipping charges are to be added to the cost. We accept payment through Paypal and Western Union but recommend, Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know which payment mode works for you and we will provide details for the same. 

Who Is Kaisilver: As the first online source for high end custom made jewelry, we maintain the same superior standards for both gold and 925 silver orders. Networked to practically every gem cutting and mining center across the globe, Kaisilver has preferential access to  over 200 million carats of gems. We do not place any limitation on gem choice, design selection or metal (10k, 14k, 18k - white, yellow or pink gold and sterling silver). More than 7,000 satisfied clients across 15 nations, proudly wear gems and jewelry procured from Kaisilver. Email us at if you have any queries or requirements related to gemstones and jewelry. Since you will never be under any obligation to make a purchase, we invite you to take advantage of our expertise. 

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