Wedding Rings For Men (02) 

When choosing a men's wedding ring there is more than just good looks that, you will need to consider. You really cannot expect men to pamper and fuss over their jewelry like women do. The design and construction of the jewel will need to have inbuilt features that add to the durability of the jewel. At Kaisilver, each design is researched and tested by a team of experts before, being added to our collection. Each men's ring is assigned an optimal metal weight (gold or silver) based on its dimensions, gem setting and the ring size. A team of highly skilled and talented jewelry artisans and gem cutters, work on each jewel - the same quality standards are maintained for gold and silver jewelry. We place no restriction on design or gem selection. 

A design for your Kaisilver men's wedding ring can be picked from our websites, you could choose any design and ask for it to be crafted in gold or silver - with the gemstone of your choice. Requests for all ring sizes and design modifications can be accommodated, we can even craft a ring based on a design concept provided by you. Get in touch with our team of support experts at You will never be under an obligation to purchase anything from us, so make sure that you take advantage of our expertise. 

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men's wedding ring claddagh

A men's claddagh wedding ring, would have tremendous significance and meaning. The first claddagh ring was made about 4 centuries ago. The touching story tells of how an Irish slave, first made the ring as an expression of his true love to his beloved. We custom makes the ring in gold or silver ... more.  

big gemstone wedding ring for men

We are lucky to live in a time when, wedding rings can have just about any design and flaunt just about any gemstone. Having said that, a men's wedding ring with a large stone, would require the right gem selection. The MAN08 big ring is a great choice ... more

wedding ring for men

While men's wedding rings need to look stylish and attractive, they should also be durable and comfortable to wear. Kaisilver recommends the MAN68n in gold or sterling silver with, your choice of gemstone. A custom men's wedding ring that will last a lifetime ... more

mens ruby wedding ring

Ruby symbolizes true love, it is also believed to bring prosperity and success. Rubies are gorgeous, rare and expensive. A men's ruby wedding ring would be perfect for the important occasion. Kaisilver can craft a custom ruby ring for you with your design or ours ... more

men's gemstone wedding ring

A collection of men's gemstone wedding rings to suit a range of tastes and budgets. You choose the gemstone of your choice and select a gold or silver wedding ring for men. Each ring is fully custom made with fine workmanship and available in all sizes. We can also craft a men's wedding ring with your design ... more

wedding ring for men silver or gold

The horizon for men's wedding rings has never been much wider. Men are no longer confined to specific designs, gemstones or metals for their wedding ring. The MAN121G custom men's ring can be ordered with the gem of your choice in silver or gold ... more

men's wedding ring gemstone tanzanite

An extremely rare gem, tanzanite is mined in just location on the planet. The gem is 1,000 times rarer than diamond. A men's tanzanite wedding ring would perfectly symbolize the special relationship. Order the custom man ring with your choice of gem ... more

ruby wedding ring for men

Two of the rarest and most sought after precious stones in this impressive men's ruby and diamond ring. A great choice for a men's wedding ring, ruby symbolizes true love and affection. This men's wedding ring is available in all ring sizes crafted in 925 silver or gold ... more

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