Men's Silver Rings

While sterling silver rings for men are very popular, men have learnt to demand quality and are rarely willing to make compromises. Kaisilver men's silver rings are extremely popular, you could order any ring from our websites, pick the gem of your choice and request for it to be crafted in 925 silver. You are welcome to send in your own design sketches and images as, we place no restrictions on choice of gemstones or designs. 

men's silver claddagh ring

A men's silver claddagh ring can be worn for both casual or formal occasions. The deeper meaning of this 4 century old ring, makes it one of the most meaningful jewels in history. Kaisilver gold and silver claddagh rings retain all the essential features of the, first claddagh ring made centuries ago ... more

silver garnet ring for men

Men's gemstone rings are generally preferred with gems that have a deeper color tone. Most of these gems, look awesome in both white and yellow metals. The MAN121G is shown as a men's silver ring with a natural red garnet gem. You could order the same design and request for a gem of your choice ... more

moonstone silver ring

A superbly designed and crafted sterling silver moonstone ring for men. The classic moonshine glimmer seen on moonstone, looks even better when the gem is set in silver or white gold. We can craft your moonstone men's ring in silver or gold (yellow, white and pink), all ring size options available ... more

men's big ring sterling silver

Men's large silver rings offer an excellent way, to get the required metal weight without, spending a fortune. Big rings need to be supported by a good metal weight, this can be quite expensive when gold is involved. Choosing 925 sterling silver for a men's big ring, also provides a better budget for the gem ... more.

silver ring for men

Amethyst a tremendous gem for men's ring, despite its awesome looks and easy wearability amethyst is priced quite moderately. Amethyst would be one of our recommendations for a men's sterling silver ring. Shown with a 12x10mm oval gem, you could order the MAN137A with a larger or smaller gem ... more

silver gemstone ring for men

This silver ring for men is crafted to the same superior quality standards as the gold ring. The MAN137P peridot silver for men can also be ordered in gold, both metal options allow you to choose from an unlimited gem selection. Kaisilver men's silver rings are sturdy, and stylish - suitable for all occasions ... more