Men's Silver Rings

While sterling silver rings for men are very popular, men have learnt to demand quality and are rarely willing to make compromises. Kaisilver men's silver rings are extremely popular, you could order any ring from our websites, pick the gem of your choice and request for it to be crafted in 925 silver. You are welcome to send in your own design sketches and images as, we place no restrictions on choice of gemstones or designs. 

Besides being more economical, men's silver rings also have a more rugged and sturdy look. While all ring designs can be crafted in gold or silver at Kaisilver, there are some men's rings that appear better in sterling silver than in gold. It has been a common practice for silver men's rings to be crafted with gems in the lower price range. There is however no technical reason why, a men's sterling silver ring cannot be made with expensive gems like rubies and sapphires. 

You are welcome to contact our team of experts at with any queries that you might have. We will be glad to help even if, you plan to make no purchase from us. 

men's silver claddagh ring

A men's silver claddagh ring can be worn for both casual or formal occasions. The deeper meaning of this 4 century old ring, makes it one of the most meaningful jewels in history. Kaisilver gold and silver claddagh rings retain all the essential features of the, first claddagh ring made centuries ago ... more

silver garnet ring for men

Men's gemstone rings are generally preferred with gems that have a deeper color tone. Most of these gems, look awesome in both white and yellow metals. The MAN121G is shown as a men's silver ring with a natural red garnet gem. You could order the same design and request for a gem of your choice ... more

moonstone silver ring

A superbly designed and crafted sterling silver moonstone ring for men. The classic moonshine glimmer seen on moonstone, looks even better when the gem is set in silver or white gold. We can craft your moonstone men's ring in silver or gold (yellow, white and pink), all ring size options available ... more

ring for men silver

Men's silver ring with a citrine gem, or pick the gemstone of your choice. Awesome looks and good durability for this ring for men. Custom made silver man ring, also available in gold. Kaisilver is one of the few high end jewelry providers to maintain the same, standards for gold and silver jewelry ... more

men's big ring sterling silver

Men's large silver rings offer an excellent way, to get the required metal weight without, spending a fortune. Big rings need to be supported by a good metal weight, this can be quite expensive when gold is involved. Choosing 925 sterling silver for a men's big ring, also provides a better budget for the gem ... more.

silver ring for men

Amethyst a tremendous gem for men's ring, despite its awesome looks and easy wearability amethyst is priced quite moderately. Amethyst would be one of our recommendations for a men's sterling silver ring. Shown with a 12x10mm oval gem, you could order the MAN137A with a larger or smaller gem ... more

silver gemstone ring for men

This silver ring for men is crafted to the same superior quality standards as the gold ring. The MAN137P peridot silver for men can also be ordered in gold, both metal options allow you to choose from an unlimited gem selection. Kaisilver men's silver rings are sturdy, and stylish - suitable for all occasions ... more

mens ring 925 silver

This silver ring for men with a square gem can be ordered in gold or silver, with your choice of gemstone. Shown as a 925 silver amethyst ring, the RG184 men's ring has a sturdy construction. You can request for a larger or smaller gemstone for your sterling silver men's ring. Get details on pricing and options at ... more

Almost every jewelry buyer would be aware that silver tarnishes. This is a natural occurrence that happens when, silver is exposed to various climatic conditions and substances. It is therefore no surprise that your men's silver ring would also tarnish. Fortunately cleaning a silver ring just as the tarnish starts to set in, is quite easy. Leaving the ring and allowing the tarnish to become stubborn, can make the cleaning process complicated. In most cases clean water, a tiny amount of mild liquid soap and a soft clean cloth, should be enough to handle the tarnish. Contact our team if you need any help on this or any other issue related to gems and jewelry. 

Plating: Let us briefly touch upon the issue of plating silver jewelry. You will hear many jewelry sellers talking about plating a  men's silver ring, the idea is that platings prevent a silver jewel from tarnishing. The fact is that no plating done on silver lasts forever, the plating will wear off after a while. Thee are too many variables involved, so estimating the time for which the plating on silver men's ring would last, is never easy. Another problem is that when the plating on your (plated) silver men's ring does come off, it does so in bits and patches. This makes polishing the ring difficult and nearly impossible. For this reason, we recommend that men's silver rings be left un-plated. But if you still prefer to have your sterling silver ring for men plated, let us know and we will do it for you. 

Gemstones: It is important to understand that there are no technical reasons why, men's 925 silver rings should be restricted to only a certain set of gemstones. Kaisilver provides a gem choice with absolutely no restrictions and this applies to both, gold and silver rings. The same quality of gems, workmanship and quality control standards, are maintained for gold and silver jewels. Picking a gem for your silver ring for men, would generally depend on your preference and budget. You could pick a gem based on your favorite color or, make a choice based on some ancient folklore or tradition. Don't forget to consider the option for a birthstone men's ring in sterling silver. Certain gems require more care and attention than others, discuss your specific gem choice with our experts. We should mention that all references to gems  in this report, imply natural gemstones - not factory made substitutes. But if you do have a request for any specific lab created gem, let us know and we will discuss details. This is a request that we will accommodate only if, we have an express statement stating that, you understand that you will be getting an artificial gemstone. Having said that, we will strongly suggest that you pick a natural gem for your sterling silver men's ring. 

Wedding Ring: So is a men's silver ring suitable for a wedding ring? In case you have not stayed updated, the current trend is for your couples to leave aside age old customs and conventions. Gold and platinum are no longer considered to be necessary for a wedding ring - this applies to the bride and the groom. Going a step further the 'need' for diamonds and expensive gemstones has also been set aside. You can therefore choose a design of your choice and comfortably wear a silver men's wedding ring. We would however suggest that you do not go for a low quality mass produced 925 silver ring. It is always a good idea to go for finely crafted custom jewelry, when it comes to wedding and engagement rings. 

How To Order: Whether it is a men's silver ring that interests you or any other jewel, we suggest that you take your time to make a decision. We are talking about fine custom jewelry and this, should be purchased only after getting complete information. Email our team at and make sure that all your questions are well answered. There is no limitation on design (yours or ours), metal (gold or silver) and gemstone - so explore all options, get expert suggestions and advice and then move ahead. You can also send us sketches or images of your own design  ideas to be custom made.

There is a production time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. This is because each jewel is fully custom made and meticulously handcrafted, every gem is handpicked and custom cut. Payments are accepted through Paypal, Western Union and Bank Transfers. We recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know the mode of payment that you prefer and we will provide details for the same. 

If you would prefer that our English speaking production experts talk to you on the phone, email us with details of your requirements. Mention your location and local phone number, let us know when it would be convenient for you to receive the call. The team in Thailand will coordinate time zones and call you at the time selected by you. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Serving over 12,000 quality conscious clients from at least 12 nations, Kaisilver has been leading the online sector for high end custom made jewelry. We craft all types of jewelry in gold or silver, your design or ours and no restriction on gemstone selection. Networked to gem mining operations across the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems. Contact us for your custom jewelry requirements related to rings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks. A team of highly experienced jewelry artisans, gem cutters and production professionals in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver orders. Both gold and silver jewelry, are crafted to the same premium standards. Contact us at with all your queries and requirements, and we will be glad to help. 

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