Custom Rings For Men

Custom made men's rings are the perfect option for quality conscious men. When ordering a men's custom ring, you could specify the design, gemstone and dimensions for the jewel. You might be surprised to know that, custom made rings for men are generally more durable as compared to mass produced men's rings. Mass produced rings are designed and crafted to appeal to a wide range of buyers, 'friendly' price tags are almost mandatory for such jewels to sell. Kaisilver custom made rings are crafted to deliver long term durability, there is neither the need nor an effort to please a mass market. This is precisely why, Kaisilver jewelry generally weighs 40% to 50% more, as compared to similar jewels made by other jewelers. We craft men's rings in gold or sterling silver with, your choice of design and gemstones. You are not restricted to the gems that are shown on our websites, we will gladly procure and custom cut a gem from anywhere on the planet for your ring. The amazing thing about Kaisilver men's rings is that, the gold and silver rings are made to the same superior quality standards. Our team of experts at would be glad to attend to any queries or requirements that you might have. 

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men's rings with diamonds

The Kaisilver men's wedding ring collection has something to please even the most style conscious man. A range of handpicked diamonds and precious gems set in immaculately crafted, gold and silver rings for men. We can also custom make your wedding ring with the design and gem of your choice ... more

men's gemstone ring blue sapphire

A tremendous sapphire ring for men, custom made in gold or silver, your man sapphire ring can be made as uniform width band ring. If you are looking for a men's gemstone ring with a gem that is rare, valuable and has a tremendous history attached to it - sapphire should be your choice, more about the MAN05u ... more

claddagh ring for men

The claddagh ring is a four century old jewel and is widely acclaimed as, one of the most meaningful jewels in history. The Kaisilver men's claddagh ring retains all the essential features of the first ring made centuries ago. You can order the claddagh ring for men in gold or 925 silver, with or without a gemstone ... more.  

men's rings garnet gemstone

The deep red color of garnets has impressed men for a very long time. Kaisilver offers the MAN121G men's garnet ring, a hefty jewel that is designed and crafted to last a lifetime. Available in all sizes, the garnet ring for men can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. Perfect for daily wear or as a special occasion ring ... more

A gold or sterling silver ring with blue lapis or any other gemstone of your choice. All the features of the MAN66 men's ring can be customized to suit your preference. The band can have a smooth finish or a texture of your choice. A sturdy Kaisilver men's ring with a hefty metal weight. Get details and pricing for the ring .. more.  

aquamarine ring for men

The enchanting blue gem set in a sturdy gold or sterling silver mounting. The MAN64 flaunts a glittering diamond on either side of the center oval aquamarine gemstone. Optimized design and metal weight to ensure that, your men's ring with aquamarine lasts a lifetime and beyond. Read the full report ... more

blue topaz ring gold or silver for men

A big men's ring with a blue topaz gemstone. Expertly handcrafted in gold or sterling silver, this men's topaz ring can be ordered with the gem of your choice. Blue topaz rings can be ordered with a sky blue, swiss blue or london blue topaz gemstone. Kaisilver can also craft your ring with a design provided by you ... more

mens gold and sterling silver rings

Men's rings with rectangular gemstones make a style statement, that is hard to overlook. The MAN68m custom men's ring from Kai Silver is shown with an octagonal iolite gemstone. You can order this custom ring in gold or 925 sterling silver with the gemstone of your choice, a handsome ring for men ... more

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