Band Rings For Men, From Kaisilver Thailand

A men's band ring would have a uniform band width all around. Unlike what many jewelry buyers believe, band rings are need not be restricted  to wedding bands. Kaisilver band rings can be crafted with your design or ours, the width of the band can be customized to your preference. Besides the regular Kaisilver men's bands, we also have a few designs that can be personalized to have a uniform band width. Plain bands, gemstone bands or diamond bands - Kaisilver offers options for gold and silver for all of them. When evaluating bands, it is important to consider all factors including metal weight, workmanship, gemstone / diamond authenticity etc. 

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men's gemstone band

Order this men's band with a single gem type or combine different gemstone in the same ring. Gem shape can also be customized. Sturdy band ring suited for men of all ages and styles ... more

men's band sapphire

A classy men's gemstone band, choose a gold or silver band and pick the gemstone of your choice. Sturdy ring, handcrafted in Thailand by Kaisilver. Can also craft a ring with your design ... more

So how wide should a band ring be, this is an often asked question and interestingly there really is no one single answer. At the very basic level, the band width of the ring should reflect your liking - after all it is you who would pay for and wear the ring. Budget is an important factor that would influence the band width of the ring. Larger band widths would require more metal weight, the gem and diamond size might also need to be fairly large - these would obviously reflect on the price tag. Men leading an active lifestyle often claim that, rings with wide bands seem uncomfortable to be worn for prolonged a duration. As a general yardstick, men's band rings would have band widths in the 8mm to 10mm range. To repeat that again, the final choice is yours and our support experts will always be glad to answer any questions that you might have. 

diamond band kaisilver men's

A men's diamond band, a gorgeous natural certified princess cut diamond in the center. All gemstone options available, the same superior quality standards for the gold and silver band ... more

tanzanite diamond band

Shown with one of the rarest gemstones in history - 1,000 times rarer than diamond. A scintillating tanzanite diamond ring. Order this men's ring as a regular band with a gem of your choice ... more

Choosing the gemstone for a men's band is once again an issue of personal liking but, these notes should go a long way in putting you on the right track. Gem prices vary and most gemstones show a spike in price as the size of the stone increases. Gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite and surely diamonds - command premium prices. The price rise with gem size that we just mentioned, gets even more glaring when it comes to these gems. This notes will need to be considered when you pick a gem for a band ring. Gemstone bands for men with gems like amethyst, citrine, red garnet, blue topaz, peridot, green jade, lapis lazuli, black onyx and a few other gems - can have large gem requirements, as large as 8-11mm. This is because of their affordable price but remember that, a band to accommodate big gems will need to have a proportionate metal weight and this will show on the price tag. When it comes to gemstones like tourmaline, spessartite, opal and rhodolite - staying in the 8mm to 10mm size is a good idea. Having said that, you should know that these gems are significantly more expensive as compared to the gems that we mentioned earlier (amethyst, citrine etc). And when you wish to wear a tanzanite, sapphire, ruby or emerald band - a 7mm gem provides the right combination between gem size and price. Just remember that the information provided here is mostly relevant, when budget is criteria. If you have allocated a significantly large budget for a men's gemstone or diamond band, then follow your fancy. We at Kaisilver can fulfill all requirements and the team will be glad to guide you. 

mens band gold diamond

A combination of brushed and high polish finish for this handcrafted diamond gold band. Choose from 14k/18k white, yellow or pink gold. You also have the option of 925 silver to choose from ... more

gold band men's ruby diamond

An extravagant men's band, perfect for a wedding band but durable enough to be a daily wear jewel. Shown with ruby, one of the most sought after gems in history. Custom made in gold or silver ... more

Glittering diamonds exemplify the extravagance of jewelry, they behold the eye irrespective of gender, race and religion. A men's band with a chunky diamond and its blinding glare, would be something that every style conscious man would love to wear. The unfortunate thing is that more than 90% of the cut and polished diamonds are in sizes, that are 4mm or below. While these sizes are not exactly cheap, larger sizes carry exorbitant price points. So when picking a men's diamond band, go for a design that holds many smaller sized diamonds, set close to each other. If you wish to go for a single diamond men's band here are some dimension parameters. A 4mm round diamond would yield a band width of 6mm, similarly a band width of 7mm-8mm can be had with a 5mm round diamond. When choosing the band width for a diamond band, the effort should be to keep the band width, as close as possible to the size of the diamond. This provides a luxury look even when the diamond size is relatively modest. All references are made to natural diamonds and not, synthetic substitutes. Diamonds come in grades (qualities) and prices between these vary greatly. If you compare 2 diamonds of the same size and shape but different grades, prices could vary by as much 200% to 400% at the extremes.  We would therefore recommend medium grade natural diamonds, these look good to the human eye are more budget friendly. But if you are buying a band ring with a substantial budget, discuss the possibility of going for a high quality diamond for your ring. 

made to order band ring

A very popular Kaisilver ring, this design can be customized to have a uniform band width all around. The three gems can be picked by you, order in yellow, pink or white gold or silver ... more

9925 silver band man

A men's band shown with the mystic moonstone, thick band and very durable. The gemstone of your choice, the ring can be customized with your choice of gemstone size. In all ring sizes ... more

As we talk about the color splash of colored gemstones and the glitter of diamonds, let's not forget plain band rings - the classic choice of many men. Crafted in gold or sterling silver, Kaisilver plain bands provide some innovative options to add interest to the jewels. Men's golds bands without gems or diamonds, can be ordered in single or two tone gold - so you could order a band ring that has a combination of white and yellow gold. The metal can be given a range of finishes and textures - dull or high polish finish, a slight hammered texture, a (tree) bark texture etc are some ideas. If you happen to be an extrovert, go for a plain band with meaningful message etched on the face of the ring - something like, 'TRUE LOVE WAITS', 'NOW AND ALWAYS' etc. One benefit of plain band rings is that, they are easier to maintain and the price tag is not loaded with gem or diamond costs. 

silver band gemstone ring men

A unique barrel cut for the gemstone in  the MAN04 band ring for men. choose your birthstone or any other gemstone of your choice. Perfect for both formal and informal wear, gold or silver ... more

diamond band ring for men

 A diamond band with a modest band width, perfect for the active male - the ring will be comfortable to wear for all occasions. The diamond or gems size will define the band width for your ring ... more

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The metal choice for a men's band is influenced by a few factors. Men have in recent years been drawn to the confident and classic look of sterling silver - this is visible in the increased demand for men's silver bracelets, pendants and rings at Kaisilver. We might add here that some band ring designs, are specifically suited for 925 silver. Consider a men's band  with nothing but the message 'NOW AND FOREVER' etched on the surface. The significance of the message would be further enhanced, on a classic finely crafted silver band. Men's bands are generally crafted with a band width in the 8mm to 10mm range, ring (finger) sizes can be large. These specifications imply an optimum metal weight in the 20 grams to 30 grams range - this is something that weighs on the price tag. Crafting a low weight men's band really makes little sense, these rings can bend and deform easily. So a great way to get a sturdy men's band with impressive dimensions and healthy metal weight - is to go for sterling silver. Men's gold bands can be ordered in 10k, 14k and 18k gold with options for yellow, white or pink gold. Here are some technical details about gold that, few jewelers care to explain. 10k gold is harder than 14k gold which in turn is harder than 18k gold. When it comes to gold content, 18k gold has more gold content as compared to 14k gold and 14k gold, has more gold content as compared to 10k gold. In our recommendation 14k men's bands have the best combination of gold content and hardness.  

The all important issue of ring durability is generally overlooked by most jewelry providers, let us give it the due importance that it deserves, right here. While you should never wear your band ring or any other jewel, in conditions where it can be struck by physical impact, exposed to chemicals or exposed to extreme heat - there are some clear ways in which the durability of jewelry can be increased. A researched design should ensure that, the diamonds or gems are securely set and do not significantly protrude from the surface of the ring. The structure of a men's band should ideally, be void of sharp or pointed edges. An optimized metal weight lays the foundation for a durable band ring, light weight rings with thin sections can dent and bend easily. Let's not forget that all gems are not equally tough and durable - our team of experts can provide guidance on this issue. 

How To Order: When ordering high end jewelry like that provided by Kaisilver, do not be in a hurry to confirm the order. Discuss all your requirements with our support team at and make sure that you have all queries answered. Each item shown on this web page is linked to a complete report, check out the details, options and pricing. We can also craft jewelry according to your designs in gold or silver, with your choice of gemstones. There is absolutely no limitation on gem selection, you need not be limited to the gemstones mentioned on our websites. 

If you prefer to discuss your requirements with our staff on the phone - include your phone number, location and time suitable to receive the call. We could better prepare for the call if, you send us all details in the email. Our support expert will prepare for the call and contact you at the mentioned time - we bear the call charges. 

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