Sapphire Gemstone Ring 

A well designed and finely crafted sapphire ring is a masterpiece, that would complement even the most extravagant jewelry collection. Sapphire gemstone rings would be even more desirable, if you hear about the history and tradition of the gorgeous blue gem. We must mention here that, sapphires are not always blue - nature has given us a whole color range of sapphire gems. Orange, yellow, green, blue and pink are some of the sapphire colors that you can choose for your ring. Not known to many jewelry lovers - sapphire and ruby are close cousins and come from the same mineral family, corundum. A very tiny percentage of corundum on the planet is suitable for cutting into gemstones. Corundum that is absolutely pure with no impurities is transparent and white (colorless) and referred to as white sapphire. It is the impurities that enter into corundum, during the millions of years that it takes to form the mineral - impart a color to the stone. When that color has a dominant red hue, the stone is referred to as ruby. Corundum in all other colors are referred to as sapphire. 

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The rarity, beauty and high toughness of sapphire makes it a favorite for all types of jewelry. Blue is one of the colors that is extremely popular when it comes to men's gemstone rings. Sapphire is not the only blue gemstone that is available, there are lower priced blue gems like blue topaz (3 shades), aquamarine, blue lapis, turquoise, iolite and the scintillating tanzanite. It is important to remember that aquamarine and tanzanite can carry a price tag of several hundred dollars per carat. But if you want to pick the top blue gem for your men's ring, blue sapphire would fulfill your desire. 

The MAN64S sapphire gemstone ring is a hulk, the ring has a large format supported by a hefty metal weight of 22 to 25 grams. Having said that, big rings with large size requirements are likely to require additional metal weight. Kaisilver experts are well aware that most jewelers, would craft a similar ring with around 15 to 18 grams of metal. But they are also aware that, insufficient metal weight is one of the prominent reasons for rings deforming and denting. Low metal weight can also be traced to the cause of loosening gems in ring. When we craft a high end sapphire men's ring like the MAN64S, equal focus is given to handsome looks and durability. 

Designing a superior men's ring with an expensive gem like sapphire is always a challenge. Men love their rings to be large and set with high carat gemstones. The challenge with both sapphire and ruby is that, their already high per carat prices grows exponentially as the gem size moves up. The ideal price and size equation fits into the 2 to 3 carat sapphire size range. It takes an innovative design artist to design a men's sapphire ring that looks big and luxurious while, maintaining a below 3 carat gem size. The MAN64S has a classy look with ridges and folds and flashes a glittering natural diamond on either side of the gemstone. Having said that, we will have absolutely no problem in locating a 4, 5 or even 6 sapphire sapphire gem for your ring - this as long as your budget can handle the price tag. 

MAN64BS Men's Sapphire Gold Or Silver Ring

All Gemstone Options. White, Yellow And Rose Gold Are Priced The Same 

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Highlights Of The Men's Sapphire Ring

  • You can order a gold or silver men's sapphire ring and get the same high quality standards for both. 
  • The gold sapphire ring is available in 14k / 18k white,  yellow or rose gold. 
  • A price quote can be provided on request for the 10k men's sapphire ring. 
  • There is no limitation on gem selection, you can request for a gem not mentioned on our websites.
  • The price quoted is for a 9x7mm oval gem, request for price quote if you need a 10x8mm gem. 
  • The gem is securely mounted with a bezel setting, the entire rim being bordered with metal.  
  • For the sapphire ring, we have options for green, yellow, pink, blue and orange sapphires.
  • All gems are natural and come with a authentication certificate from an independent testing lab. 
  • If you wish to have a sapphire silver ring, we would recommend that it be left un-plated. 
  • Plating can be provided at no additional charge but, plating in silver is ever permanent. 
  • The minimum weight for the sapphire gold ring is 25 grams and it is 20 grams for the silver ring. 
  • Big sapphire men's rings with large finger sizes, could require additional metal weight. 
  • The same ring with no scooping done inside the band, could require more metal. 
  • The diamond in either side of the center gem is a 2.5mm natural diamond. 
  • The portion behind the finger is 6mm to 7mm wide. 

Sapphire For Every Occasion: For centuries humans presumed that all sapphires are blue. At a time when gems and crystals were identified merely by color, it was understandably believed that all blue stores were sapphire. The Persians came across blue lapis lazuli and labelled it as sapphire. They even wrote that the earth sat on one huge sapphire and that the sky, was nothing more than the reflection of the sapphire. They went on to believe the 'bright' stars in the sky were a reflection of the metallic specks, seen in 'sapphire'. We know for sure today that, stone that they referred to was lapis and the metallic specks were in fact, the bits of pyrite seen in lapis lazuli. Another wrong identification of sapphire that lasted till a few decades ago, was blue spinel a totally different gem being misrepresented as blue sapphire. This was in a way understandable mainly because, the gems appear quite similar to the naked eye. Interestingly nature has for its own reasons, had spinel and sapphire developed in close  proximity. This is observed in more than one sapphire mining region - Burma (Myanmar) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) are good examples. Order a sapphire gemstone ring and you can rest assured that, what you get is a natural sapphire - not a look-alike and not a factory made substitute. All Kaisilver sapphires are procured directly at the mining sites, we even go a step further by getting every cut and polished sapphire, tested at an independent testing lab. Your sapphire ring will come with an original testing certificate, that relates to that specific gem (in the ring). 

So when should you invest in or wear a sapphire gemstone ring. You might have noticed that sapphire men's rings are generally ordered as wedding rings and in some cases, as birthstone rings. Sapphires have always symbolized sincerity and loyalty, this makes the gem ideal for matrimonial jewelry. Add to this the fact that sapphires are hard and durable, perfect for a men's wedding ring that would ideally be worn lifelong. Blue is one color that men love to wear in their clothes, ties and surely gemstones. Men's wedding rings are often worn with sapphire, ruby or diamonds. Talking about a men's sapphire birthstone ring, the gem would mark a September birthday. And for men who have already tied the knot, you have 3 valuable anniversaries that are best celebrated with a sapphire gemstone ring. The rare gem marks the 5th, 45th and 70th wedding anniversaries. And why do buyers look for a special occasion to order a sapphire gemstone ring, the gemstone is basically sturdy enough to for everyday wear. The fact is that sapphire is an expensive gem, it is quite common for the gemstone component in a sapphire ring, to cost more than the gold component. This is a type of jewel that needs significant budget allocation something that, is more common when it is ordered for a special occasion.  

Sapphire Gold Or Silver: Let us talk about a men's silver sapphire ring before hopping to the gold ring. Many jewelry buyers are of the opinion that, sterling silver rings cannot be crafted as good quality jewels. Let us put an end to this notion right here. Jewelers do not provide the same attention to silver as they do to gold - one reason being that gold offers higher profits. At Kaisilver the gold or sterling sapphire gemstone is crafted with the same superior workmanship and gem quality. With this clarified, the choice of metal for your sapphire ring is based purely on your preference and budget. When it comes to a gold sapphire ring, we offer options for white, yellow or pink gold in 14k or 18k gold. A price quote can be worked out if you would rather go for a 10k sapphire ring. The awesome thing about blue sapphire is that, it pairs well with all metal colors. Yellow gold sapphire rings are popular with men, this probably because the metal color strikes a softened contrast with the blue gem. At the end the choice of gold or silver and the selection of gold color is yours. 

How To Buy: Do not be in a hurry to rush your order for this sapphire ring or any other Kaisilver jewel. Discuss your requirements with our experts at and make sure that you have all your queries answered. You can pick any ring from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or 925 silver, with your choice of gemstone. We can also craft a unique piece with a design concept provided by you. There is no limitation on gem selection, all requests can be accommodated even if the gem required is not mentioned on the website. We accept payment through Paypal and Western Union Money Transfer but, recommend Paypal for first time buyers. There is a 4 to 5 week production period from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider for finely crafted custom jewelry in gold and 925 silver, Kaisilver has been leading this sector for the past 2 decades. Over 12,000 satisfied gem and jewelry lovers from 15 nations rely on us for all their requirements. With a backing of over 200 million carats of gems, provided by gem mining and cutting operations across the globe, we place no restriction on gem selection. Clients can even specify gems not mentioned on our website. Email us at with any queries and customs that you might have. 

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