Men's Gemstone Ring With Aquamarine

The gentle blue of aquamarine reminds you of the peaceful waters and the endless sky. Men's aquamarine rings deliver an aura of confidence and accomplishment. The gemstone has impressive durability and amazing sparkle, something that makes it stand apart from manyother blue gemstones. A Kaisilver men's aquamarine ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver, the MAN64 custom ring adds a touch of glitter by including diamonds in the design. 

aquamarine mens ring kaisilver
aquamarine gemstone ring for men

Highlights Of The MAN64 Men's Ring:

  • A custom made men's ring in 14k or 18k gold and sterling silver. Request for price quote if you prefer a 10k men's aquamarine ring. Equal quality standards are maintained for the gold and silver ring. 
  • The 10k, 14k or 18k gold ring can be ordered in yellow, white or pink gold. 
  • The men's sterling silver ring can be plated with rhodium or gold but, we recommend no plating as any plating done on silver will wear off after a while. 
  • The aquamarine gold ring has a minimum weight of 25 grams, the minimum weight of the 925 silver aquamarine ring is 20 grams. Larger ring sizes and the requirement for an un-scooped band, could require additional metal weight. 
  • The gemstone is a 9x7mm oval natural (certified) aquamarine gemstone. You can choose the gemstone of your choice. Prices quotes for a larger 10x8mm oval gem for your ring. 
  • The side diamonds in the MAN64 men's aquamarine ring are optional, you can also choose gems other than diamonds for the side stones. 
  • Since each men's ring is fully custom made, we can accommodate requests for all design modifications and ring sizes. 
  • We can also craft your aquamarine ring or any other jewel, with a design sketch or image provided by you. 

Durability: Very few jewelers talk about the durability of the jewelry that they craft. This is rather unfortunate because, most of us develop sentimental feelings towards our jewelry, getting it damaged or broken can be a big disappointment. This is true of both men and women even if, men are a bit shy to openly admit that. At Kaisilver each design is researched by a team of experts, equal importance is given to good looks and long term durability.

Let us highlight the features in the man aquamarine ring that, help ensure the long term durability of the ring. While most jewelers would have crafted this ring with a weight of around 15 grams, Kaisilver assigns a minimum metal weight of 20 grams for the men's silver ring and 25 for the men's gold ring. As mentioned above, larger ring sizes and the requirement for a solid band with no scooping inside, could call for an additional metal weight. While metal weight is not the only parameter that, defines the durability of a jewel - it is one of the important features. 

Notice how the oval aquamarine gem is mounted in the ring, the entire gem is bordered with metal. Technically referred to as a bezel setting, it is extremely effective in protecting the ring from side impact. Prong settings are easier to execute and also require lesser metal but, prongs tend to get stuck in fabric and pockets. This causes them to stretch and gradually open up, the end result is a loosened gem that could drop off the ring. You will also notice that the gem in this men's aquamarine ring, is set without the stone protruding too much from the surface of the ring. High set gems are more likely to get damaged by hitting against hard surfaces. 

So while it is never a good idea to expose your jewelry to environments where, they can be struck by physical force or be exposed to strong chemicals, detergents or solvents - the MAN64 is configured and crafted to last a lifetime and beyond. You could even make it an heirloom jewel and pass it on to the next generation. 


men's aquamarine ring

About Aquamarine: A type of beryl, aquamarine comes from the same mineral family that gave us the scintillating emerald and the romantic morganite (pink). Despite its dainty and fluid appearance, aquamarine is tough and durable and can easily withstand daily wear. Having said that, you should never expose your men's aquamarine ring or any other jewel - to environments that could expose it to physical impact, intense heat and strong solvents or chemicals.

The gemstone gets its name from two Latin words -  'aqua' (water) and 'marina' (sea). Folklore says that King Neptune presented aquamarine, to the mermaids. While such folklore might not influence the technical aspect of your aquamarine men's ring, we live in a time when gem and jewelry lovers, select gems based on their romantic past and interesting history. Ancient humans made a direct connect with the light blue gem and the sea. Sailors would often wear or carry a piece of aquamarine believing that, it would keep them safe from the dangers of the sea.

It is interesting to see how gem lovers today, often base their gem selection on folklore and traditional beliefs. The practice of wearing a birthstone is an example, aquamarine represents the month of March on the birthstone charts. So for those of you born in the month of March, the MAN64 men's aquamarine ring would have a special significance. 

Crystal healers recommend that couples wear a jewel set with aquamarine, the gem is believed to encourage true love and fidelity. Aquamarine is often regarded as the gem that helps reconciliation, something that is desirable in almost every type of relationship. 

How To Order: If you wish to buy this Kaisilver MAN64 ring or any other custom jewel from us, discuss your requirements with our team of experts at We can custom make your ring in gold or silver and with the gem of your choice. You could send us your own design images or sketches to be custom made. As mentioned above both, gold and silver men's rings are crafted to the same superior quality standards. There is no limitation on gem selection and you are not restricted to what you see on our website. 

There is a production lead time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We accept payments through Paypal and Western Union but recommend Paypal, for first time buyers. Let us know the mode of payment that you prefer and we will provide details for the same. 

About Kaisilver: Widely acclaimed as the leading global provider for online custom made jewelry, Kaisilver crafts all types of jewels in gold or sterling silver. More than 7,000 satisfied clients spread across at least 15 nations proudly wear a Kaisilver creation. With preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones and direct connections with almost, every gem mining center in the world, we can procure and custom cut just about any gem that you desire. Pick a design from our website or send us images of your own, we place no restriction on design or gemstone. Contact us for any queries that you might have, related to gems and jewelry at 

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