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Before we get into any discussion on men's birthstone rings, here is a quick note. At Kaisilver, you can order any jewel shown on our website or provide your own design - to be custom made in gold or silver with your choice of gemstone. So when we talk about a birthstone ring for men, your choice of design or gem is in no way limited to the MAN57 ring or the garnet gemstone. The best thing is that, the same superior quality standards and meticulous workmanship are applied to both gold and sterling silver jewelry orders. Let us now move into the discussion on men's gemstone rings with a birthstone.

men's garnet birthstone ring
garnet ring for men

There was a time when men rarely thought about jewelry and the few who did, never cared about quality,, workmanship and gemstones. The real shift in mindset came about two decades ago when, Kaisilver released the first collection of high end men's rings. Comparisons began to be made and men realized that they deserved the fine quality that we delive ired. Opening up with an unlimited choice of gemstones, we promoted the men's birthstone ring range. Classic looks handcrafted by Thailand's finest craftsmen in gold and silver - with any gemstone that the buyer desired. 

Birthstones are a special category of gems, they relate to the month in which a person is born. When you wear a men's ring with your birthstone - you make a special connection to the gem. It was after all the chosen stone for you and will remain, that way all through your life. So if you talk about the MAN57 men's garnet ring, it represents the month of January since, garnet happens to be the birthstone for the first month of the year. You could obviously, order a garnet birthstone ring with any other design and in gold or silver. 

custom men's ring
custom mens ring

Kaisilver birthstone rings for men are crafted with high end workmanship but, good looks is not all that we offer. The metal weight assigned to the men's rings from Kaisilver, is about 40% to 60% more than what other jewelers would provide for similar designs. Looking at the MAN57 garnet ring you would notice that, the entire gem is bordered with metal. This is the most secure method to mount a gemstone, it also protects the gem from side physical impact. 

The metal weight assigned to the ring is in the range of 20 to 25 grams, this can be increased for larger ring sizes. Another feature that needs to mentioned is the inside of the ring. We would ideally like the birthstone men's ring to have a band that is smooth inside with no metal scooping. However this requirement for large rings (size 10 and above), might call for additional metal weight. We will let you know if additional weight is called for, once we have details of your requirements. 


White, Yellow and Pink gold are priced the same. The price of 14k and 18k are mentioned below, pricing for the 10k men's ring will be provided on request. Your choice of gemstone is not limited to what is mentioned in the price table below, let us know the gem that interests you. 

men's birthstone ring pricing

Highlights Of MAN57 Men's Rings:

  • The ring is custom made in all ring sizes in gold and sterling silver. 
  • You can pick from 10k, 14k or 18k white yellow and pink gold - or sterling silver. 
  • Price quotations for the 10k birthstone ring can be provided on request. 
  • The ring has a weight of 20 to 25 grams, larger ring sizes could require more weight. 
  • The MAN57 men's birthstone ring can be ordered with a uniform or tapered band width.
  • The ring is shown here with a 11x9mm cushion cut garnet, sizes differ for other gems.
  • We place no restriction on your choice of gem, you are not restricted to gems seen on our website. 
  • The head height of the ring is around 12 to 14mm, the portion behind the finger is 7mm.
  • We can also craft a birthstone men's ring with a design concept provided by you. 
  • A name, short message or date can be etched inside the band at no additional charge. 
birthstone chart kaisilver

Birthstones: If you observe the birthstone chart shown above, you will notice that a few months have more than one birthstone mentioned against them. The month of March for example has aquamarine and bloodstone - aquamarine is the most popular option. The gem is also more durable as compared to bloodstone. And while aquamarine can be faceted, bloodstone is an opaque gem and cut in a smooth (cabochon) form. The information in this paragraph will guide you when you happen to choose the gemstone for your men's birthstone ring. The birthstone for August has always been Peridot, though some jewelers include Spinel as an option. Spinel is also many times more expensive as compared to peridot. For the month of June, we would recommend moonstone for men's birthstone rings. Besides not being very tough, pearl is is also associated with being feminine and dainty. And alexandrite is an extremely rare gem that is very expensive. We can source this gem for you if your budget can match the price. Moving to the month of October where you can choose from opal and tourmaline. While opal needs some amount of care and attention, tourmaline is a lot more tougher. While jewelers recommend green or pink tourmaline for men's rings with the October birthstone, there are a few who insist that it should be pink tourmaline. We will be glad to provide opal, green or pink tourmaline for your men's October birthstone ring. We might add here that pink tourmaline with a slightly burnished pink shade - does look tremendous men's rings. If you happen to be born in the month of December, you have some amazing blue gems to choose from. Turquoise is popular but, there is an increasing move towards blue zircon and tanzanite. Once again the choice is yours, you decide and we deliver. We have seen many birthstone charts including blue topaz as an option for December birthstone rings. This is a personal choice so you can order your Kaisilver men's birthstone ring with a light (sky) blue topaz, a bright (swiss) blue topaz or deep (london) blue topaz gem. Our experts at will be glad to help you with any gemstone information that you might need. 

How To Purchase: Before you decide to confirm your order and make a payment, discuss your requirements with our team of experts at . Learn all about the options and suggestions for your men's birthstone ring or other jewel. You could pick any men's ring from our werbsite, choose to have it made in gold or silver and request for your birthstone to be set in it. You can also send as an image or sketch of your own design, we will gladly craft it for you. You could request for our expert to talk to you on the phone, this will be done at our expense and at a time suitable to you. Mention all details in your email, specifically request for a phone call if you wish to have one. In such cases, include your phone number, location and suitable time (to receive the call) in the email. Providing all details of your requirement in the email will help us assign the right expert and also prepare for the discussion. 

Payment is accepted through Paypal and Western Union but,  Paypal should be the preferred choice for first time buyers. Let us know which mode of payment you prefer and we will provide details for the same.There is a production time of 4 to 6 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Remember that each men's birthstone ring (or other jewel) is completely handcrafted by Thailand's finest jewelry artisans. So if you need your ring by a specific day, please ensure that you order well in time. We cannot rush orders as it can be done only by compromising on quality - something that we will never do. 

Who Is Kaisilver: More than 12,000 jewelry lovers spread across 15 nations, wear fine jewelry handcrafted by Kaisilver. Gold and sterling silver jewelry are crafted by the same skilled teams and maintain the same superior quality standards. We can craft any type of jewel in gold and silver with your choice of gemstone. Our team of experts at will be glad to help you with any information that you might need. 

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