Men's Ring With Gemstone Iolite [MAN139]

A men's ring with a gorgeous gemstone. It is not often that you will come across an iolite gemstone ring. While you can order the MAN139 ring with the gemstone of your choice, you should hear the story behind iolite. A violet-blue gemstone iolite is found in just few locations on the planet. Tanzania and India are well known for their iolite deposits. This men's ring uses a natural iolite gem that has been, certified to verify its authenticity. The amazing thing about iolite is that, it is not treated in any way, so you get to wear the gem just as mother nature had made it. 

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It feels awesome to have some knowledge about the gemstone that you wear, here are some details about the iolite gem in the MAN139 men's ring. Iolite is a natural gemstone, the gem used in this men's iolite gem is not treated in any way. The color range of iolite extends from pale violet blue to more saturated shades. The color of iolite can sometimes resemble that of tanzanite but, these two gemstones do not have anything else in common. 

MAN139 Men's Iolite Ring Highlights:

  • The ring is crafted by highly skilled jewelry artisans in Thailand. 
  • The gold and silver men's ring has the same quality standards.
  • The gemstone is a natural certified gem custom cut by our cutters.
  • The gemstone is a 11x9 cushion or 10x8 octagonal shaped gemstone. 
  • Requests for all ring sizes for the iolite ring can be accommodated.
  • The MAN139 can be crafted with the gemstone of your choice. 
  • The men's iolite ring is available in 14k or 18k white, yellow or rose gold.
  • You can request for a price quote for a 10k men's ring.
  • The men's gold ring has a weight of around 22 to 25 grams.
  • The iolite silver ring weighs around 20 to 22 grams.
  • Larger men's rings might require additional metal weight, you will be informed about this.
  • Requests for a ring with no metal scooping inside the band can call for additional metal weight. 
  • The MAN139 ring has a head height of around 11mm and is 7mm wide behind the finger.
  • We can also craft your men's iolite gemstone ring with a design concept provided by you. 

So why is tanzanite considered to be more valuable than iolite? This is true despite the fact that iolite is much more durable than tanzanite. Iolite caught the attention of jewelry designers about the same time that, tanzanite was being pushed into the market with tremendous fanfare. Tiffany's launched tanzanite with some tremendous advertising and publicity exposure. Backed by the high pitched marketing hype, tanzanite began to command a higher price. It was the time when iolite took the back seat, lack of exposure resulted in lack of demand. Lower demand obviously meant that, iolite price points remained at modest levels.

Looking at things in another perspective, the modest price of a gorgeous gem like iolite, allows you to wear a gold or silver men's iolite ring at a reasonable price. Kaisilver can craft your men's ring with iolite gem in a design concept provided by you. The gold and silver men's iolite rings confirm to the same superior quality standards.


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Thank you , thank you, thank you. I am very excited and overwhelmed to receive my ring and earrings. The ring is EXACTLY the same as the one that was stolen and I never thought I could replace it exactly, even to the spinal effect of the stones.It was very kind of you to take the trouble and time, and allow me to take the time to describe exactly what I wanted.The result is the ring is perfectly the same and the earrings match so well, just like the ones I lost. I do thank you so much. Your service and products have been excellent, and I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone.  Reading the comments of other people you must be very pleased with the pleasure you give to your customers, when they receive your products. Please use me for publicity if you wish. Thank you also for your good wishes and blessing.Thank you and God bless ...... Patricia Dodd.  ... more.

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