Men's Ring, The Historic Claddagh 

For many of you the men's claddagh ring shown here might appear to be a simple heart ring and of course, not many of us have heard of men wearing heart rings. The fact is that the 4 century old Claddagh ring is widely acclaimed to be, one of the most meaningful jewels in history. A team of Kaisilver experts spent months learning about this amazing jewel. The ring is sometimes referred to as a 'heart crown and hands' ring. The MAN110 men's claddagh ring is crafted in gold or silver, with or without a gemstone in the center. We will talk more about the historic ring in this report. 

claddagh ring for men
men's ring gold or silver claddagh

The MAN110 claddagh ring from Kaisilver can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. The ring is shown here with no gemstone, interestingly this was how the first claddagh ring was crafted centuries ago. You can however request for the center portion to be set with the gemstone of your choice. Before we get into more details about this awesome ring, it would be interesting to learn about the history and meaning of the historic jewel. 

Claddagh Ring Meaning: The story is set in a small picturesque village named Claddagh in Ireland. The time was around four centuries ago when the country was dotted with pretty fishing villages, also the time when the practice of slavery was rampant. A young fisherman from the village named Robert Joyce, would often sail the high seas along with his companions. The boat in which the young men was sailing, was one day attacked by pirates. 

The pirates looted the ship and captured the men on board, the captives were later sold as slaves. Young Robert was sold to a wealthy goldsmith, he soon started to learn the trade from his master. Robert Joyce did manage to put up with the harsh life of a slave but, there was something deep inside his heart that was tearing him apart. The young man missed his young beloved who also lived in the same village. 

Robert hoped of being a free man one day, he dreamed of returning to his village and being reunited with his beloved. He soon found it hard to focus on his work and wished to do something, that would keep his dreams alive. He decided to make a ring for his beloved and wanted, the featured of the rings to express his lover for her. His prayers were heard and he was released from slavery a few years later, he rushed back to his village - carefully carrying the ring with him. 

He was absolutely delighted to meet his beloved and overjoyed to know that, she had patiently waited for him for all those years. He gave her the ring and the couple decided to get married a while later. The ring came to be known as the claddagh ring, and the features included a heart, crown and a pair of hands. The heart undoubtedly symbolized love, the hands denoted togetherness and the crown signified his loyalty towards her. 

As word about the ring and the touching story spread, people from lands far away came to appreciate the true meaning of the claddagh ring. Historians agree that the concept of the claddagh ring is relevant to both men and women. Love, togetherness and loyalty is important for any relationship to succeed and progress. The Kaisilver men's claddagh ring is made with larger dimensions, bigger gemstone (if any) and a higher metal weight - as compared to the women's ring.

Pricing For The MAN110 Ring (No Gemstone)

  • Sterling silver, minimum weight 20-22 grams - $400 US.
  • 14k white, yellow, pink gold, minimum weight 20-25 grams - $1,900 US
  • 18k white, yellow, pink gold, minimum weight 20-25 grams - $2,200 US

Pricing With Gemstone, Refer To The Tables Below

claddagh ring for men
claddagh rings silver or gold

Features MAN110 Claddagh Ring:

  • Each men's claddagh ring is crafted by skilled artisans in gold or sterling silver. 
  • The gold claddagh ring can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k - yellow, white or pink gold. 
  • The men's silver claddagh ring has the same superior quality as the gold ring. 
  • The MAN110 is shown in a plain version but, you can request for a gem in the center.
  • The men's silver ring weighs around 20 grams, the gold ring around 25 grams. 
  • The ring has a head height of around 1.6cm (16mm), the portion behind the finger is 7mm. 
  • Big men's ring sizes can call for additional metal weight.
  • The requirement for a solid ring with no scooping in the band, could require additional weight. 
  • Since each men's claddagh ring is fully custom made, we can accommodate requests for all ring sizes.

The men's claddagh ring is suited for all occasions. While the option to add a gemstone to the ring has been provided, the fact is that plain rings with no gemstones are easier to maintain. The significance of the claddagh ring makes it a great choice for a wedding or engagement ring. The interesting fact is that, the gold or silver claddagh ring for men has the same significance. 

Talking about a men's claddagh wedding ring, brings us to the topic of a pair of wedding rings. These are the 'his and her' rings that, have the same design theme but could differ in terms of metal, dimensions or gemstone choice. Kaisilver offers claddagh rings for men and women, this makes it easier for you to order a pair of claddagh wedding rings. We might also add here that, the practice of wearing a pair of matching wedding rings is believed to add meaning to the occasion. 

How To Buy: Each Kaisilver men's claddagh ring is crafted by highly skilled artisans, we do not use ready made molds or standard blocks. If you are interested in the MAN110 men's ring or any other jewel, get in touch with our team of experts at There is no need to hurry through the order process, send in the details of your requirements, make sure that all your questions are clearly answered. Since you are never obliged to place an order, take advantage of our expertise and make an informed buying decision. You could also send us images of your own design idea to be custom made. We accept payments through Paypal and Western Union and recommend Paypal, for first time buyers. Payment details can be provided on request. There is a production lead time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. .

Who Is Kaisilver: As the first online source for high end custom made jewelry, Kaisilver still remains the preferred choice for discerning gem and jewelry buyers. All custom jewelry can be ordered in gold or sterling silver, there is no limit on design or gemstone - we will gladly craft your jewel with a design sketch or image provided by you. The experts at  will be glad to help you with any queries or requirements that you might have. Being directly networked to almost every gem mining and cutting center on the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. We can custom cut even the rarest gemstone on the planet for you. 

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