Rings For Men, Info Reports

Interesting and useful information related to rings for men. There is really much more to men's rings than just external looks and price tags. Men have become more conscious about the jewelry that they are aware, it is not uncommon for them to choose gemstones based on traditional beliefs and customs. Kaisilver gets many 925 silver orders for men's rings, these are men who insist on quality and are generally not satisfied, with mass produced pieces. Gemstone rings for men can be ordered with just about any gem but, gems vary in terms of color, price and durability. We talk about all these and more in this section. You are free to order your men's ring from any jewelry that you choose, but we suggest that you first review these reports before making a buying decision. Our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com are always ready to help you, with any questions or requirements that you might have. 

Men's Big Ring Collection Custom 

mens gemstone ring, ruby gold or silver

Men's rings, large rings for men in gold or sterling silver. No limitation on gemstone or design, the same high quality standards maintained for 925 silver or gold rings. Kaisilver gives equal emphasis to good looks and long term durability, read the full report ... more

aquamaring men's ring

A collection of sturdy men's aquamarine gemstone rings. You could choose any ring from our websites and request for it to be finely crafted in gold in gold or 925 silver, with aquamarine or any other gem of your choice. Or send us your own design ideas ... more

birthstone rings for men

Learn all about birthstone rings for men, review some outstanding design ideas and read about the options available. Check out your birthstone on the birthstone chart provided in the report. Custom birthstone rings for men in gold and 925 silver - all sizes ... more

bands for men

Combining style, value and durability - bands for men finely crafted in Thailand by Kaisilver. Choose one of our band rings in gold or silver and you choice of gemstone. Can also craft a men's band ring with our design or yours. All ring sizes  available ... more

Size 15 14 13 12 11 To Size 8 Rings 

size 15 ring or a ring from any size 8 to 16

Whether it is a size 15 or size 14 ring or a men's ring in any size from 8 to 16, this collection will inspire you to pick the right design. Kaisilver places no restriction on design or gem, superbly crafted in gold and 925 silver. Choose our design or send us yours ... more

men's claddagh ring

The claddagh ring is one of the most meaningful jewels in history. Kaisilver crafts custom claddagh rings for men in gold or silver, with or without a gemstone in the center. We explain the meaning and significance of the claddagh ring first made 4 centuries ago ... more

men's rings with amethyst

A collection of handsome amethyst rings for men. Order gold or silver men's rings with amethyst or any other gem of your choice. Sturdy rings that will ensure that the ring retains shape and form for a very long time. Can craft men's rings with your design idea ... more

sapphire gemstone ring for men

A lavish look for this sapphire ring men,  the ring is shown with blue sapphire, ruby and white sapphire but you can combine any gemstones of your choice. These custom men's sapphire rings are crafted by expert artisans in Thailand, available in all sizes ... more