Band Rings For Men Gold

Band rings are an interesting design concept, most band rings would be suitable for both men and women. Men's gold bands would be wider than those worn by women. Kaisilver crafts both 925 silver and gold band rings for men with the same superior quality standards. You could have plain gold bands or have them studded with gemstones and even diamonds. The choice of design for a men's gold band ring would be a personal choice but, it will influence the gem and diamond sizes and also the optimal metal (gold or silver) weight, required to make the ring comfortable to wear and sturdy. Choosing the right band width is critical as, the choice could decide how comfortable the ring will be wear and also how durable it would be. Larger band widths and also larger (finger) sizes, can call for substantial gold weight - something that could strain allocated budgets for the ring. Kaisilver can craft your gold band with a design  provided by you, or you could pick one from our websites. Each ring is finely handcrafted and can therefore, accommodate all requests feature modifications and gemstone selection. 

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gemstone band ring for men with ruby

Ruby band for men, a sturdy band width of width of around 7mm to 8mm. The round gem in the center can be picked by you with no limitation. A perfect men's band for formal or informal wear crafted in gold or sterling silver. Handcrafted by skilled artisans from Thailand, all sizes available ... more

14k white gold men's band

Square gemstone bands, have a stylish and refined look. Men's band designs have a big advantage as they can be worn for formal and informal occasions. This men's  gold or sterling silver band, can be made with a gem of your choice. An optimum metal weight makes the ring durable and comfortable ... more.

Gold Options: All the men's gold bands on this web page and all over the Kaisilver websites, can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k gold or sterling silver. Both metal options would be crafted to the same premium quality standards. You could pick the gemstones or diamonds of your choice, features like band width and overall design can also be modified to suit your preference. While men's  gold wedding bands are very popular, the design concept is equally suited for informal wear. Band rings are also easier to maintain provided that, they are designed and structured in the right way. You could specify the gemstone type, shape and size for your gold band. Just keep in mind that the gemstone or diamond size would influence the band width. More about the band width of gold bands in the next paragraph. 

diamond band ring for men

A diamond band ring for men, shown as a white gold diamond band - the MAN28 can be ordered as a 10k, 14k or 18k men's band ring in yellow, white or pink gold. Both gold and sterling silver rings for men have the same premium quality standards. Order with one of our designs or yours ... more

gold wedding ring for men band

Kaisilver gold band rings for men can be fully customized to your requirements. The MH-02 cross ring can be crafted in 10k, 14k or 18k gold. You can also choose white, yellow or pink gold. The band width, ring size and even the motif (design) in the center can be fully customized ... more

mens gold band ring

Gold band ring for men from Kaisilver, meticulously crafted by super skilled artisans in Thailand, the MAN57 garnet men's ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver. The gemstone and the band width for the ring can be decided by you. The ring can be crafted with a tapering or uniform band width ... more

gold bands mens

There are growing requests from men for rings with a broad band but, with a slight taper behind the finger. The ideas is that, this concept allows for a more comfortable wear. You can request for a uniform or (slightly) tapered band for your ring. All gem options possible - all ring sizes ... more.  

14k band ring for men

With absolutely no restriction on gem selection, the RG220 amethyst gold band ring for men can be ordered with all gem combination. Shown as a men's 14k white gold band ring, the RG220 custom ring is crafted in Thailand by expert artisans. Available in gold or silver, all sizes ... more

mens silver band ring

A classic custom band ring for men or women, the RG234 band ring can be ordered in gold or silver. The etching on the surface of the ring can be based on your own design specification. The ring has advanced features to make it durable and more comfortable to wear, for details ... more

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Band Width: As we talk about the band width for a men's gold band ring, take a quick glance at the RG215 and MAN28 design concepts. The RG215 yellow gold band is shown with a ruby gem, you could order the same ring in 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. Notice that the band width of the ring is just a little more than the size of the round gem in the center. This design concept gives the band a more luxurious look as the gorgeous ruby occupies almost the entire band width of the ring. This concept is even more relevant in the case of MAN28 a handsome men's gold band with diamonds. The ring looks awesome but, gets even better when  you actually hold and observe it. Diamond gold bands are expensive, the price keeps rising exponentially as the size of the diamonds increases. The Kaisilver designing team, finalized the MAN28 design with 3mm round and 3mm square (princess cut) diamonds. The band width is around 7mm and perfect for ring sizes up to 10. We can add to that band width for larger rings. The combination of dull finish and high polish for the white gold, also adds an extravagant look - without being loud or garish. With complete customization available, the same gold band for men could be crafted with a combination of gemstones or diamonds, or just gems and no diamonds. These are details that you can always discuss with the kaisilver experts, contact details provided towards the end of this report. 

Comfort And Durability: Interestingly the gold weight and metal thickness of a men's band, would would influence both comfort and durability. It is no secret that gold is expensive and jewelers, prefer to compromise on metal weight when it comes to band rings. This can make a men's band ring uncomfortable for prolonged wear, it can also cause the ring to dent or bend easily. A men's ring with a solid band and no gold scooping inside the band, would be more comfortable to wear. Technically speaking a 'comfort' band has a solid band with a slight raise on the center of the band - this raise is inside the band. So such a gold men's band would have a slight curve on the inside. We have had many men ordering 14k or 18k men's bands, request for solid bands with no scooping done inside - this they claim makes for a comfortable wear. Since each men's ring is fully custom made, you can specify the band construction that you prefer. The metal weight for a gold band ring would depend on the design, band width and ring size. There is no general formula to define optimal gold weight of a men's band but here are a few indicators. Take a close look at your gold band if, he weight is less than 25 grams, ring sizes in the 10 to 12 range with a band width of around 7mm to 8mm should be around 30 to 35 grams. We encourage you to discuss these details with  Kaisilver experts - it does not matter where you finally buy your men's gold ring from. 

Gemstone Or Diamond: To begin with men's gold band rings can be plain or encrusted  with gems and/or diamonds. Since the size of the gems would influence the band width, it might be a good idea to first decide on your preference for a band width. The choice of precious stones studded in the gold band, would add a cost component to the price tag. No secret that rubies, sapphires and surely diamonds can be quite expensive. We draw your attention to innovative design concepts where, even modest gem sizes can give the band a luxury look. Please glance at the RG215 ruby diamond gold band shown above. The band width of the ring is an impressive 7mm to 8mm - you could choose a 5mm or 6mm center gemstone for the ring. The good thing about these gem size options is that, they will be modestly priced even for gems in the high price bracket. Taking another example, have a look at the MAN28 diamond white gold band. The ring has a band width of around 7mm to 8mm, the diamonds are 3mm rounds (3 pieces) and 3mm squares (3 pieces). While the choice of white, yellow or pink gold is your decision - white gold does give the ring a brighter look. Don't overlook the possibility of choosing a dull brushed look for gold band ring for men, this is something that highlights the sheer glitter and sparkle of the diamonds. 

Gold Color: When choosing a custom gold band for men, you will have all possible options related to the metal. 10k, 14k and 18k gold are the standard gold options. In each of these gold options, you could choose white, yellow or pink gold for your band ring. It is true that yellow and white gold bands are popular with men but, go for rose gold if that is what you like. Gems like ruby, blue sapphire, emerald and diamonds look  awesome in both yellow and white gold. A men's diamond band would look brighter in white gold but, we do know men who like yellow gold as it strikes a gentle contrast with the glittering diamonds. It is all a matter of personal choice, write to our support team if you would like to discuss any ideas related to gems and jewelry. 

Custom Made: A made to order gold men's band offers far more than just giving you the design of your choice. When you pick Kaisilver to make a custom gold band for you, the entire ring is configured and handcrafted just for you. No compromise in gem quality, gold weight or workmanship. We work according to mutually agreed specifications. You end up getting the best of everything, we focus on satisfying you and need not worry about developing a mass market for the piece. When we discuss design elements together, we also work on possibilities of customizing the price to suite your budget - without compromising in quality and durability. You could pick any ring from our websites or send us your own design, mix and match gemstones, combine gems and diamonds - just state your preferences and we will accommodate all requests. 

How To Buy: Each of the items on this web page has a link that will take you to a complete report. You will get details related to pricing, options and some useful suggestions. You are always welcome to email our experts at and communicate your questions and requirements. Just remember that every Kaisilver jewel, can be ordered in gold or 925 silver with the gemstone of your choice. We can craft a unique piece for you with your own design concept or image. There is a production time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Paypal and Western Union are two modes of payment that we accept but, we recommend Paypal for first time users. Let us know which payment mode you prefer and we will provide details for the same. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online custom made jewelry provider Kaisilver today, has over 12,000 satisfied clients spread across 15 nations. One of the very few custom jewelry providers to maintain the same premium standards for both gold and silver jewelry, we can work with our designs or yours. With preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones from, leading gem miners and cutters we place no limitation on your choice of gemstones. Since we do not work with limited inventories, we consistently deliver the best gemstone at each price point. Get in touch with us at if you have any queries or questions. We will be glad to help even if you order nothing from us.